The Elder Scrolls OL introduce BOSS's hate mechanism.

  • The Elder Scrolls OL introduce BOSS's hate mechanism.

    BOSS doesn't eat taunt, so tanks need a set of equipment and skills that will allow for continued output and self preservation. Any player who touches the pinion in the middle of the map will be hit by BOSS until he dies. Unless someone touches you again, it's almost like this. Here's how to hit it

    1, BOSS will give her the goal of an ongoing whole stage of DOT. Elder Scrolls Online GoldThe middle of the pinion at any time to ensure someone Jiepan is certain, because if a person took too long time BOSS, BOSS how much do you enjoy says it (although the mouth said no body is honest) and your body DOT doubles the damage (the first opening of the people is the inevitable double. Note). So it's very important to replace the disk in time. Also note that a person does not take the disk too many times, and the DOT damage will stack.

    After about 5 times, the BOSS explodes and removes all the DOT on the player's body. By that time, you can enter a new round of disk access.

    After 2, in each stage with about 3 disc, BOSS will wrap himself in a cloud of blue fire, will encounter seckill. At the same time will gradually slow down the target moving speed, not in time, then sooner or later will catch burning. Cheap ESO Gold Use voice communication more. When other people don't walk into it

    3, every once in a while, BOSS summons a lot of doors (more and more), and at the same time a random member of the team enters the void that hits the portal (others can't hit it). Put off the portal in time. Otherwise, each portal will have two small, high blood damage mobs. If you do not knock out more, it will be a fried chicken, fierce fat, the group basically did not run out. However, in the late BOSS war, there will be two people can play the door, the transmission door, specifically how to allocate their own exchanges

    4, two kinds of AOE. One is that BOSS suddenly explodes and gets away. Another is at the foot of the player burst fire, very painful, must avoid. People on the receiving board are easily killed by this skill, so it's better to give yourself a shield.

    A battle that is quite difficult for beginners. Attention should be paid to the timely disk, reasonable disk, and quickly destroy the transmission door, the use of the gap between each stage to save people, the accident ran out of the little strange, and more output. Special attention is that novices, nannies and tanks may have some trouble with the door, so you can match the equipment and skills properly. In addition again to offer DOT stacks, take it easy

    Light armour is very useful in this battle, and thick shield can return magic!