The Elder Scrolls Online production kit

  • The Elder Scrolls Online production kit

    First, a brief overview of the ESO suite.

    Friends who have played online games must not be unfamiliar with suits. Buy TESO Gold The suit has a set of attributes, and a certain number of equipment and equipment can activate the corresponding set of effects. So does the ESO suit. But the ESO package does not necessarily have complete sets of shape (of course, a copy of those drop by specific BOSS other suits are usually set), because many types of ESO the suit is made by their appearance and game player, the equipment manufactured by the game player decided. The most basic of the ESO suits is the 3 piece set, with 4 pieces and 5 pieces on it. The following figure is the PVE Dungeon (Veteran) in the fall of the package, from the equipment itself attributes and suit properties, we can see that this is a partial tank   equipment:(suit effect: 3 pieces, Cheap Elder Scrolls Online Goldincrease 75, maximum life value, 4 pieces, add 10 points, receive treatment value, 5 lifting team, all team members maximum life value 100 points)

    Note the following points about the manufacture of a suit:

    One. There are special suits making some icon on the map, and some on the map by the shape of the eye point of the game officially replaced after the opening service may fix this problem, use unified manufacturing point exclusive icon set.

        Two. Game player can be set properties of point set manufacturing added to any except jewelry and fashion a kind of armor and weapons, and does not limit the quality of material or equipment, for example manufacturing you can in the most advanced on the map to create a minimum level of iron axe, iron axe still have the the suit property, but the specific attribute value will change according to the quality of equipment, pay attention to, just because of the quality and enhance the value, the material has no effect. (material refers to the materials used in the manufacture of equipment, iron, steel, ebony, etc., quality refers to green, blue, purple, epic, etc.)

       Three. The only limit to suit manufacturing is that each suit has a fixed number of acquisition has characteristics of requirements and requirements for each site or equipment types are separated, such as a set of requirements acquisition of 3 properties, then you can make the same site has 3 characteristics obtained by a study of the equipment (on do not understand the reader can go to the auditorium stage second), so here I recommend if you want to practice equipment manufacturing must study the game player, can the equipment left, and start as soon as possible, otherwise that suit their interest only when looking at making empty tears