Robbery mission

  • Robbery mission

    The task was launched by Lester to rob the bank, the GTAOL's first Heist, and the simplest, easiest, most entertaining, most recognized BUG,Cheap TESO Gold and the most GTAOL of all...... (omitted ten thousand words), but also the most money, make money at least Heist, by two people completed, on the road to pull a player can do. But it's good to let the novice get familiar with the Heist model.

    Step #1:Scope Out

    Just go and have a look, there's nothing to say. But you have to ask me what the technique of this step is, and I can only say that the co pilot doesn't shoot indiscriminately...... I used to shoot the cops because I shot them indiscriminately, and then I failed. Buy ESO GoldAs for what that little game, you entertainment.

    Step #2:Kuruma

    This task is also very simple, drove to the parking lot, got the car and left. As an aside, the task of the armored version of the Kuruma is very classic, very good, because the 50% glass is covered with an armor, so people rushed into the fire pile effect is really who knows.


    Two people in the bank lobby and vault respectively. The lobby member knocked out the probe and pointed the gun at the person, or fired randomly in the open space to keep the yellow note in full condition. This process will also be available in the last Heist, Pacific, Job. Inside the vault of the team members to cut through the cabinet. The specific method is to adjust the direction of the drilling machine, until the drilling machine does not vibrate, it shows that the location is correct, and chisel down on the line.

    Come out and drive along the road, then let CargoBob pick it up. A lot of game player with the special love magnet CargoBob, also said the hope to join the GTAOL carrier.