You can ignore the people in the picture

  • The goods to be killed, countless bodyguards around.Cheap TESO Gold "I've never seen anyone hire so many bodyguards," said a stranger..." The man himself said, "that's why I didn't go to jail. Did you make it?"" Then the task is to get rid of the bodyguards and then kill him. The plot is not difficult, even if the bodyguard found someone come in, just began to flee, kill on the line on the front of the car.

    A Popov classic figure:Here a person can do, first to the wall nearby, when three bodyguards all there is no vision at the wall climb in, followed by a slowly past, close to stun or kill directly, by silencing the gun. Then slowly feel the location of the image below:

    By the wall, another bodyguard came up and the silencer shot off. You can ignore the people in the picture. Then touch the wall in the following position and kill all the bodyguards you can see:

    Here you can freeze, if not disturb Popov, then walked directly up to forcibly kill, if disturbed, it is in the position of the Popov mark, he would have gone down from this position, kill your vehicle, leave, complete.

    If you run into a pig teammate, just come up on the alarm Popov, Buy ESO Goldquickly kill the bodyguards along the way, and then quickly to the top position to wait, the effect is the same. That's why I said at the beginning that this Heist pays great attention to personal ability, and sometimes it can really be a Carry and a team.

    The 2 team is relatively difficult, but that is also not difficult, but so far I have seen over the Team mortality rate is very high...Specifically, two people at the same time snipe that two people, a lot of note came. Recommend the use of rocket launchers, quickly clean up the note, many people are easy to kneel here. Here I don't know how to say, a carbine die is also possible, how can