Kagrenac's hope: manufacturing kit

  • There is no use (Healer monster sets, weapons DSA staff to VMA staff, DSA is the Dragon Star Arena Master weapons, treatment effect for the circle of milk can also stick to restore a small amount of stamina, VMA is the vortex arena, Buy ESO Goldwhen using two treatment skills crits staff effect they will return to the blue, two the equipment itself, plus blue DSA VMA crit)

    Monster suit
    Sentinel of Rekugamz: at the same time, you can call back a range of blood back to the machine spider, team life is very remarkable
    Engine guardian- machine kit: three back support, in the battle high strength of the plot to provide more
    Troll king- Troll sheath: for high intensity AOE can provide a good survival guarantee,Cheap TESO Gold but in addition to treatment after blood volume is still less than 60%, I think it is not allowed
    Resource recovery
    Not recommended for use as nightflame, chocket thron, and reply or additional treatment package, first is not emergency, emergency rescue for example have thinking about whether to trigger a specific treatment this is inappropriate, then life is not help, group therapy and nightflame treatment of choket monomer over excess over the weak not for himself and others to provide effective support for life
    Five piece suit
    Kagrenac's hope: manufacturing kit, to speed up the rescue, with the temple passive rescue fast, at the same time, its own attributes are relatively good
    Spell power cure: in any case, it should be a must suit and try to get it
    Worm: all 5% blue cuts, there's one person in the team
    Grossamer: one of the conservative treatment sets, if there's a tava tank in the team, or something like that
    Combat physician: two of the conservative treatment kits, and a few offers a crit treatment kit
    Healer: increase the amount of treatment, if you really feel poor milk can be used
    Wise mage&Infalliable Mage: the effect is the same. Full bash increases the damage done by all teammates to 8% of the target. The effect is obvious
    Twilight remedy:12% crit damage, the biggest problem is to mate with, especially legal team mate, but also to completely cover all people, it takes a little time, in a sense will disrupt the cycle
    The following are slightly rare
    Prayer shawl: three of the conservative treatment kit, and the difference from physician is that there is no CD, but the shield is much thinner
    The Healing, mage:AOE, and brush loops provide very good results in reducing injuries
    Say two more sentences
    Is the treatment trend for the team to ensure the milk yield under the condition of DPS and life, at the very least provide team survival ability, treatment is not properly controlled may lack the blue, so I do not recommend to blue suit
    (such as: seducer, Magnus, Lich, warlock, Arch-mage)