Ancient scroll ol economy in the end what good?

  • Ancient scroll ol economy in the end what good?

    Best Sellers! - these are good things to make money! Popular packaged items (preferably recognized and others produced from high-end
    copies, PVP suits may fire, but markets change quickly)
    Rare materials, Buy TESO Gold Nirn characteristics, rare styles and characteristics of
    Purple style book
    Upgrade material
    Intricate features equipment (for disassembly)
    Recipes (basically purple and low / medium)
    Enchantment and Rune Stone
    Alchemical material
    Sell well - these items can generate a steady income if they are at the
    right price
    Equipment used to study characteristics
    Extracted material
    Food and drink
    Ordinary set of components - easy to get or
    considered the best equipment kit
    Blue style book
    Low value items - these are good ways to fill up shelves and empty
    backpacks. Usually a group of at least 10 shelves
    Basic characteristics, materials, and style materials
    Green recipes
    Unlocking device
    Something that is not recommended - please sell it directly or remove it. Cheap ESO GoldMost buyers and Guilds feel that they are rubbish
    sold to shops
    A potion of harmful effect
    Disgusting and white food and drink
    Equipment that is not characteristic of less than CP160
    order to make the circulation of goods is not recommended for more than 5 times the average price in the price of the shelves, unless
    you are in. Some guilds may use excessive shelves as a sign of a gold seller / capitalist / market manipulator.
    Put worthless
    materials, such as features and styles, into groups, and charge at least 98 dollars to make them look less cluttered. Keep your
    shelves up to date - cut off or change prices for items that haven't been on sale for 10 days. This will make your list top of the
    search results.
    In the economic system's Riel have fun playing, earn pours! Any feedback or advice is welcome. Stay on the second part
    and discuss more of the things you can sell.