´╗┐Ancient scrolls ol economic understanding of the market wind

  • Ancient scrolls ol economic understanding of the market wind

    Pay attention to the market trend. The latest offerings, such as PVP suits, or new versions, Buy ESO Goldare very risky to sell. For example, the
    right of this piece of equipment, 2000 gold coins to buy down and look up is a very good business, but a closer look at this piece of
    equipment prices fell rapidly in the past few days, so until prices stabilize you are likely to be sold, and the price is low may be
    more than 2000 gold.
    Generally speaking, the direction of the wind is due to the change of version. What version after may be the
    price may fall. New suits and new styles were popular and expensive at first, and then fell as the supply improved.
    The rate of
    decline depends on how simple it is to get the item. Those easy to brush out the low rate fell rapidly, or the content of the game in
    the most difficult to get things will maintain a longer period of time at high prices. Material often rises before the release
    changes, and players need to re - equip their equipment.
    Average price and optimal price
    Many players mistakenly believe that they have
    to sell for below average prices to sell things. This pricing strategy can lead to deflation in the market. For a number, "average"
    means that there is always a value higher than this number to balance the value below this figure; obviously, it is preferable to
    make a reasonable price rather than the average price. These average prices also include information about the price of goods sold
    quickly on all other players so that they can raise their prices. Things that sell quickly don't stay in the guild store for too
    long, so the player must have spent more money to save himself from the trouble of running around than three. Cheap TESO GoldOn the other hand,
    things that are too expensive are definitely not available. So Master Merchant must not record these price information, the average
    price of MM will not include these overestimate the value of the price, so these high priced items did not balance out those below
    the average price of the commodity price information. You can eliminate extreme values and increase your average selling price by
    using the "outlier removal" option in MM.
    I define an optimal price, that is, a price point that can be sold without going back on the
    shelf and bringing the greatest benefit to the seller. This is the best shipping price for players with only a few items to sell and
    plenty of shelves. Most sellers either sell it for too cheap, or it's too expensive to hang on for a long time, so the best price
    shelves can take advantage of each shelf. You can increase 10%-30% on average every time you go on the shelf. You can still sell it
    stably and increase your income.
    Some sellers will find that the price of a quick sale is changing faster than expected. If you sell
    fast and buy enough, you can lower your price slightly below average to sell more units in a day. For the liver, the brush and the
    bulk of reselling material, the players are the best way.