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  • North Carolina product andSports Illustrated a B. For the NFL 18 Coins entire draft,ESPN gave them a C whileCBS Sports went with a B. All around, a solid night for Doc Rivers.Minnesota TimberwolvesThe Timberolves were rumored to be working on a deal to land Jimmy Butler, but had to settle by simply drafting Kris Dunn, a player many felt was the third-best in the class. The fit with Ricky Rubio is questionable, but


    Minnesota will have a chance to see if things work out before deciding to move one of them.Dunn is a great fit with Tom Thibodeau thanks to his defense, so the lowest grade wasa B from CBS Sports. Needless to say, it was a good draft for the Wolves.Utah JazzThe Jazz traded the No. 12 pick for George Hill and selected three late second-rounders who won't likely make the team.


    The upgrade at point guard earned them a B from CBS Sports anda B+ from ESPN.Mixed or lukewarm gradesDallas MavericksThe Mavericks sent this year's first-round pick to the Boston Celtics on a trade for Rajon Rondo, so they only had a second-round pick. They selected A.J. Hammons 46th overall, a center which could make their final roster.BothCBS Sports and ESPN gave them a B- for making the most out of a bad situation.Houston


    RocketsThe Rockets didn't have a first-round pick but were busy in the Cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins second round, grabbing a couple of centers. First they used the 37th pick onChinanu Onuaku, and then the 43rd on Zhou Qi. It's unclear whether they will make the roster this year, but they do have potential.Theygot a C+ from ESPN anda B- from CBS Sports, largely based on the fact that Daryl Morey knows how to pick well in the second round.Memphis Grizzlies.You can visit to our website