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  • He entered free agency the following summer and the Nets locked him up to a four-year, $50 million contract. It was hard to see Young being in NBA 2K18 MT their long-term plans, as he's 28 years old and the Nets will have to rebuild, but they simply couldn't let an asset walk away for nothing.Now, new general manager Sean Marks is trying to cash in.


    Several Western conference teams are interested in trading for Young and the Nets are ready to move him to the one that presents the best offer, according to Wojnarowski. The Raptors were reportedly interested in Young during the past trade deadline, but the Nets were still trying to win a few more games and the offer was likely not as enticing as the ones they could get near the draft.                     


    Moving Young now makes a lot of sense for Brooklyn, as he still has value despite a terrible season for the team. His contract will instantly rise in value as the cap rises and he is a solid all-around player who could start for a few good teams or bolster bench units. Young is not a traditional stretch big man, as his three-point shot has never been Buynba2k reliable


    But he's quick enough to step outside to the perimeter on pick and rolls and is crafty around the rim.It's not clear yet which teams are interested. The Suns seem like a natural fit, as they desperately need an upgrade at power forward and Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins have three first-round picks. If they feel like there are no difference makers left at 13, they might pull the trigger and the Nets would have to accept the trade, as it would likely be the best offer they Buynba2kcould get. The