Curry is shooting 44 percent on NBA 2K18 MT Coins

  • Curry is shooting 44 percent on twos, taking just 6.4 of them per game and racking up 4.4 turnovers per contest. Curry is so good at finding space well beyond the three-point line and hitting those shots that he's still able to do it with Cleveland keyed on him to an extreme extent. But everything else is lagging.Over the course of a NBA 2K18 MT Coins seven-game series, you'd bet on


    Curry's dominance overriding game-to-game fluctuations. Irving is playing no differently than he did in the regular season or first three rounds of the playoffs he's just shooting better and more aggressively pulling the trigger from the mid-range and in. (You could make a good case that he's also wearing Curry out, though Thompson's spent plenty of time guarding Irving.) Even in these long series, unexpected fluctuations happen.


    Players find a favorable matchup, a coach's adjustment in coverage or rotations causes the opponent to scramble and general, unavoidable noise produces unpredictable results.But over the long-term, the law of averages sustains.. This is why there are relatively few major upsets in the NBA playoffs best-of-seven series are long, and the math wins out.Right now, the math says Curry is way more potent than Irving and every other living point guard. But here we are, walking up to a


    Game 6 where Kyrie has a much stronger case for Finals MVP than does Steph. Curry is driving the NBA into the future, but Irving is proving that all isn't yet lost for everyone else. (Westbrook made a helluva case to Cheap NBA Live Coins this effect last month, too.) Kyrie isn't just responsible for giving hope to Cleveland. There must be a dozen starting NBA point guards relishing in Irving's success, taking mental notes and praying to get their chance to do the same to for more news visit to