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  • Join the bra-volution! Lingerie brand uses architecture wholesale sexy swimwear as inspiration to re-invent the traditional bra design for the first time in over 100 years

    Over  the last century, women's breasts have changed quite a bit, yet somehow the basic design of the bra has not - until now.

    Carnegie Mellon-trained industrial designers Laura West and Sophia Berman, from Pittsburgh, are the brains behind , a new brand that is revolutionizing the classic support system of the bra by turning it on its head – quite literally – to create a totally new and unique design. 

    Having bonded over their larger busts and their struggles with the 110-year-old traditional underwire bra design, Laura and Sophia wondered if there was a way for a bra to provide ample support without causing the back and shoulder pain that millions of women have to deal with every day. They eventually found their answer: the truss.

    Trusst the new system: Carnegie Mellon-trained designers (not pictured) came up with a new bra design after bonding over their larger bust sizes and the inefficiency of underwire bras

    The brains: Sophia Berman (L) and Laura West (R) are the founders of Trusst Lingerie, wholesale fashion dresses and are hoping to revolutionize the modern bra

    In architecture, the truss is a strong constructed frame that supports key elements of buildings, like bridges and roofs, and the girls, who both studied the important architectural design at college, decided it could also serve as the perfect form of support for the body, as well.

    Downsides of a classic: The designers at Trusst Lingerie decided it was time to retire the underwire bra, citing shoulder grooves and back pain for those with larger breasts

    Bra-volution explained: The designers have produced a bra that supports from beneath rather than above to eliminate back and neck pain as well as shoulder grooves that can be created by strained straps