new build Better-home program

  • timber prices will gradually decrease, the overall increase will not exceed 8%, timber prices will gradually stabilize. I think this judgment is based on the 2006 raw material gains inferred, last year several price adjustments may have been digested the impact of substrate prices. Do not rule out the floor manufacturers for the spring of 2007 sales season,composite flower box with bench

    when the rise of the cabinet business also have an impact. The original cabinet general profit margins larger, in the wood price changes, the cabinet dealers are mostly reduced profits to ensure sales; there are some furniture companies in order to seize the market, some furniture prices do not even rise or fall.deck and fence

    2, 2007, we will push B & Q new build Better-home program. Refers to the B & Q on the consultation, design, selection, construction of the four aspects of the whole process of concern, through the products, processes, processes, strict requirements and certification for consumers to create a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly home environment.uae wood floor laminate