Take a 3-point title for a smooth road Mora J Luo farewell?

  • Hand 145 times, Real Madrid to 76 wins and 26 draws and 43 losses, scored 311 balls lost 202 goals to prevail. At home Bernabeu, Real Madrid 72 times with Sevilla played against 53 wins and 11 draws and 8 losses, scored 200 goals lost 78 goals. Real Madrid last seven times in the Bernabeu and Sevilla grips are unbeaten, the last home against Andalusia team lost points or in the 2008-2009 season 14th round, when Real Madrid 3-4 lost to the opponent.

    Sevilla is theoretically this season and Real Madrid played the most number of teams, the two teams had already played four games, the European Super Cup Real Madrid overtime match only 120 minutes 3-2 hard to win. King's Cup 1/8 final Real Madrid first leg 3-0 beat opponents, the second round of the two teams labeled as 3-3 level. While the league Real Madrid is on the road against Sevilla when 1-2 negative, continuous 41 games remain unbeaten results were ended.

    The league is currently left two rounds, but Real Madrid count with the Celta game there are three games to play, the last three games to get at least 7 points to win. And the campaign against Sevilla is the strongest of three opponents, as long as the crossing of this off, Real Madrid League aspirations is almost a smooth way. Although the week after the race and the Atletico Madrid Champions League game, Sevilla is a week off (visit Buy FIFA 18 Coins) , but Real Madrid this season and Sang Paulli team played, there are three times to send a semi-lineup, the results win , Plus home operations, Real Madrid to win the difficulty is not too big, tie also acceptable.

    And Sevilla is currently ranked fourth in the standings, from the front of the Atletico Madrid is still 5 points, the future want to reverse the bed legion won the Champions League seats, too difficult. And behind the Villarreal is 6 points away from their own, as long as the next two rounds and then take 1 point can lock the Champions League qualifying seats, Sevilla, the final adjustment has been downgraded Osasuna, even if lost to Real Madrid, the future there is a great opportunity, so Sang Pauli's team is not necessary to knock the Galaxy warships.

    The game is Real Madrid this season, the last home game, this summer may have many people leave the team, so the current round of the league may also be their farewell war. Pepe is almost sure to leave after the end of the season, but Pepe injury can not participate in the game, missed the opportunity to bid farewell to home fans and very sorry. In addition, Mora and J Luo because Real Madrid can not guarantee playing time, so most likely to leave after the end of the season. Mariano and Cohen Trang has been the edge of Real Madrid, Navas is probably due to Deheya after the arrival of the game may be Real Madrid six farewell war.