Manu steals the total into the top 10

  • Spurs here, Manu - Manu Ginobili played 26 minutes, 10 shots 7, free throws 3 penalty 2, get 17 points 1 rebounds and 1 assists. Plus this 17 points, Ginobili career playoff total score of 2971 points (click Cheap NBA 2K18 MT,) , more than former NBA star Clyde - Drexler, rose to 25th in history.

    In addition, the field in the hit 2 free throws, Ginobili career playoff free throws hit 800, the history of the first 16. At the same time, Manu sent three steals, the playoff career steals reached 281 times, beyond Clyde - Drexler (278), rose to the 10th in history.