Basketball field foot injury is not much

  • As a focus on physical confrontation of the sport, the basketball court, the players between the more awkward, melee, and even evolved into violence scenes of fights, are a few. Can be the so-called bright guns easy to hide, stab in the stadium, many of the discs in the stadium, the foot of the degree of damage, is undoubtedly the top.

    It is said that the loss is because the pad of this action, hidden very high. It can be in between the invisible, only a small amount of effort, gave the opponent's body caused great damage (click LOLGA) . And this seemingly unintentional small step, if used in a timely manner, and even become a major step to change the trend of the war situation. If the perennial use of this recidivism, but also in the absence of traces of the opponent at the same time, play innocent, so further interfere with the definition of the referee.

    In fact, the past few years, there are many players because of such a dirty tricks, people have been reviled; there are many good players, especially those who are good at jumper jumper, who have been seriously hurt this The

    And two days ago the West decided to G1, Pachulia injured Leonard's event, then once again let the pad into a public opinion in the hot words. The controversy over this event, as well as past events, has also reached an unprecedented level of intenseness.

    Whether Pachulia himself admitted that his foot was indeed on the G1 to the future, had a huge impact. Before the death of Leonard, the Spurs attack on both ends of the play is perfect, and completely suppressed the Warriors. But after his injury back, the Warriors suddenly recovered to play the inspiration, abruptly completed a 25-point reversal of the show.

    If Leonard can stay in the field, as the core of the Spurs, as the two best defensive player winner, as the finals had fainted James men, he will allow the library, Durant who easily overtake it? The The answer is obvious.

    On the other hand, Pachulia this pad hurt, it is definitely not lonely. After entering the NBA, in order to be able to survive in the jungle alliance, Pachulia to get a set of rough tricks. In the play outside, he practiced boxing, and on the pitch, he also often use those unconventional movements, to anger opponents, kill opponents, and thus achieve the impact of the situation.