Shooter scenery no longer, you are increasingly charming

  • In 2006, Kuyt came to his career's second most important team - Liverpool. Kuyt came to Liverpool when his title was the Dutch striker, the league's top scorer, his first season also surrendered the past reply, 34 games into the British 12 goals. But it has become Kuyt's only one in Liverpool to shoot the position of the season. In 2007, the Spanish golden boy Torres to 38 million euros in the ultra-high value to join Liverpool, obviously, Torres will be Liverpool's next main striker, he and Crouch's combination is also outside expectations.(welcome to our FIFA 18 Coins site  In addition, the arrival of the Dutch fellow Babel also Liverpool striker competition unprecedented intense.

    In this case, Benitez made a change in his tactical system, Kuyt's position experienced a shooter, shadow front, winger, side avant-garde retreat, his position from the distance of the goal Farther and farther, then Liverpool head coach constantly changing, but Kuyt's position is completely away from the front line. Prior to the door in front of the opportunity to easily get the shot may now be a whole field can not get once, you may need to work hard to break through to create opportunities in front of the goal, and even their hard to dribbling breakthrough, just to send his teammates An assists.

    However, the change in position did not stop Kuyt's progress and growth, but did not stop him from creating his own legend in Liverpool. In the eyes of Liverpool fans, Kuyt is a diligent and hardworking image, his most commendable is often the performance of the key game goals, whether in the Champions League knockout or league key battle, Kuyt always Liverpool destroy City Zhai, he also won the "big scene Mr." title. Although their position has been pulled to the wing and even withdrew to the midfield, Kuyt can still be a single season for Liverpool scored a dozen goals, still in the double red will be hat-trick, still can break for five consecutive games Score. After leaving the shooter position, Kuyt is the Liverpool team worthy of the real model, running away from the crown team, "defensive forward" nickname more to describe his game attitude, and he was in the sidewalk Of the dribbling breakthrough has also become a common offensive weapon Liverpool, wing one-stop break also made in front of Qiangdian shot became Kuyt new signs.

    The effectiveness of Liverpool 6 years, Kuyt for the Red Army played 286 times, scored 71 goals, although not for the team to get what history into the title, but his efforts, his hard work, his efforts are Liverpool fans look in the eyes, in mind. In Liverpool's last season, Kuyt scored in the league finals overtime, the goal to help him get the effectiveness of Liverpool during the only championship trophy, also became his last gift to Liverpool.