Because that's what'll define NBA 2K18 MT

  • Or whomever. Because that's what'll define this new era. The NBA 2K18 MT "Miami Model" will be awesome, just not in Miami, where it's starring an egomaniac that went on National TV to backstab his hometown.But with Chris Paul and Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City? Hmm...2. What Happened To Building Your Own Superpower? This is a popular argument these days.


    The idea that this generation's stars don't understand what greatness means, or something.With LeBron, it's fair to a certain extent. He didn't just go to a better team. He joined forces with one of only two or three players that could realistically be called his equal. This isn't Michael finding Scottie--it's Magic joining Larry.


    That's lame, and whether it's injuries, chemistry conflicts, or Chris Paul going to Oklahoma City, it'll probably be punished by terrible karma. LeBron-and-Wade is so unnatural and counter-intuitive, it doesn't even make that much sense from a basketball standpoint.But let's not indict an entire generation, here. Whether it's Michael Jordan shaking his head saying "That's the way the game is today," or this e-mail from ESPN's Bill Simmons' most recent mailbag, the crowing about the current generation needs to stop.


    Young kids everywhere are going to see this and think that it's better to take the easier road to success instead of taking the chance at being great. If you have a chance at transcendence but it seems just a Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins little too hard or too much for you to handle, then don't go for it. Take the easy road. That's the lesson learned and the trend set for this generation.But then again, this is also the generation that airs out their beef on