He's slowly moved away from NBA Live Mobile Coins

  • He's slowly moved away from plans of imminent retirement; a NBA Live Mobile Coins few weeks ago, he said he wanted at least "two more cracks" -- whatever that means -- at an NBA title, and now, we're hearing three years.The NBA is pretty much all


    Bryant knows: at 34 years old, he's spent half of his life and virtually his entire adulthood in the league, a percentage that will grow larger and larger until he retires. His exit from the league is in the not-so-distant future, but Bryant might go out kicking. For what it's worth, Kobe is involved in the pitch to keep


    Dwight Howard in Los Angeles, and Howard will be signing a contract that runs long past three years.More from SB Nation:• The NBA's top 90 free agents | All NBA free agency news• Rockets can offer Howard max deal | Dwight's worth it• Knicks trading for Bargnani | Ziller: The Knicks never learn• Everyone wants Andre Iguodala | An open letter to Iggy• NBA Draft 2013 grades and resultsNBA free agency: Nets, Andray Blatche reach verbal agreement -


    Andray Blatche was more than happy to agree on a small contract to remain with the Brooklyn Nets, where he's seen a career renaissance -- although the Washington Wizards won't be pleased.Blatche agreed to a one year, $1.4 million contract with the Nets, according to Howard Beck of the New York Times.


    The Nets were able to sign him for less than 120 percent of the Buy NBA Live 18 Coins veteran's minimum, allowing them to preserve the mini mid-level exception for other players.But why would Blatche, a productive member of Brooklyn's squad last year, averaging over 10 points in under 20 minutes a game, agree to sign for so little?